Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Tweet Away

They say in space that nobody can hear you scream.

But on Twitter, even though you’re pretty much shouting into the darkness, the darkness is full of lots and lots and lots and lots of people who don’t really care what you tweet until you tweet against their sensibilities.

That’s what retailer Kenneth Cole may learn this week.

Funny thing, I’ve never heard of Kenneth Cole until the story of the inappropriate tweets broke.

Now I know about them, but – alas for them – in an unfavorable light.

This won’t turn into a Cooks Source debacle, but still you’d think that the president of a company would know a little better than to tweet about a massive demonstration like what they’re seeing in Cairo this week and turn it into a sales opportunity.

Then again, given the amount of snark and sarcasm and other silliness on the Internet, you’d think this would be one tweet lost in the forest. But it struck a nerve, and the company will have to do some damage control to fix things.

Just more evidence that you need to think before you tweet. Or comment. Or post. Or open that big fat yap of yours. I’m learning that, too.

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