Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome Back

Used under a Creative Commons license. Photo from dumbeast's Flikr stream.

Due to popular demand -- oh, who am I kidding -- due to a suffering ego, Mister Fweem's Blog is now back from being ensconced behind a privacy wall of immense magnitude.

I had to do some expurgation, of course. Lost 99 [101; sorry, my math stinks] posts for last year, and about thirty for this year. Why is that, you may ask? Well, this, for starters.

So, most everything relatd to the novels I'm writing is now either gone from this site (cached, of course, likely elsewhere, but at least there cannot be any further damage or exposure) or ensconced behind the privacy wall at the Targhee Writers blog which, of course, is popular with me but hardly with anyone else.

And that's fine.

I was chafing a bit behind the privacy wall. Not that I have much of value to say -- one of my most commented posts of the year had to do with the difference between loth/loath and loathe, and the comments were from people pointing out mistakes I made in my post -- but by darn I reserve the right to say it.

So if you'd like to read the novels I've been working on, trot on over to the Targhee Writers Blog and sign up. Otherwise, the babble store is now open again for business.

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Steph said...

Hooray for the babble store. :D