Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eet Ees Done. For Real This Time.

Remember way back in late December – or it might have been early January – when I bragged about having edited the first draft of my novel, “Considering How to Run?"

Well, I was a bit premature in that announcement.

Of course, back then, the novel was finished and I was working on the next installment. However, I have since decided to combine what I've got of the second installment with the first, and today I can declare, unequivocally, that the first draft of my novel is officially edited.

Now the real work begins: the rewrite. Got to put on some flesh and skin to the skeleton I've got. Good news is, the second bit of editing went a lot more smoothly than the first, probably because I had a rudimentary outline of where the second novel was going to go, whereas with the first I kind of pointed my mouse in one direction every day as I sat down to write and just kinda followed it.

Good news is after having put this second bit away for a while, I was able to come back to it, see where it needs fixing, and – most importantly – see where I'd written something that, yeah, I'd read if it were offered to me. That gives me hope that others will want to read it too. So must get on with the rewrite. By August 31, it's my goal to have the second draft ready to go under the unscrutable eye of my most feared of editors, my wife.

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