Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's A Compulsive to Do?

So now that the Treasury of Laughter blog is finished, it's up to this anal-compulsive blogger to find another topical thing to blog about. I really, really should be working on my book, and I have been doing that in fits and starts, but I'm finding that editing a book doesn't come with the raw intensity and purpose of writing a book. Nevertheless, I've dragged the manuscript out of mothballs and am going to give it another go. That's a good thing, since putting it away for a while will give me the emotional distance I need to fix its many flaws.

In the meantime, however, I need another topical blog. Horology seems to have the market on it cornered at the moment -- and it's true that I don't quite have the passion for wristwatches as I do for books.

Book blogs are cliche, however. Completely overdone. Besides, that's what I've got Goodreads for. Nevertheless, you'll note I've got a book cover here. It's one of the books I'm reading now. I'm not necessarily going to write about the book, though the thought has crossed my mind to start a blog about the collectible books I find to read. This one, for example - the People's Edition -- how New Deal, Progressivist/Socialist can you get -- edition of Grace Tully's not-tell-anything story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from the point of view of one of his secretaries. I got it for $2 at the local Deseret Industries -- which runs a thriving business of recycling old books tossed out of codgers' homes when they pass on. Per eBay and Amazon, this book is technically worth $26 -- and that's for a copy of a copy that they've bound and are selling as a retread of the book. But if I start a blog that's all about bragging about the bargain books I find, well, it's going to be one smarmy, short-lived blog, because I don't collect as much as I'd like. Besides, I'm in the mode now of boxing up books and putting them in storage because there's not enough room on the shelves and I can't convince Michelle to let me build new shelves upstairs. Oh well.

Not to worry, though. I'll keep working on the novel, feeding the muse at the Targhee Writers Blog. And who knows? Maybe I'll find another book to blog about. I nearly bought another party book a few weeks ago, but it was too tatty for the price they wanted. I'll keep looking.

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