Saturday, November 5, 2011

Action Sucks

Once again, I'm at the point of a novel I'm required to write action, not exposition. And action is one of my weaknesses. I'm good at exposition. I can explain just about anything. But characters aren't static. They don't just sit there, contemplating with their coffee. They DO things. And now these damnable characters of mine in Yershi the Mild are going to have to do something, and I'm stuck.

So here's the cure:

Read lots of action. I've got to read lots of action and figure out how the authors do it. Of course, that may not work with my characters; I have to figure out how they'd do it, and to do that, I have to figure out how I'd do it. So yikes. But at least I recognize the problem. As Lucy Van Pelt would say, that means I am not yet too far gone.

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