Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is What Midterms Look Like

Just in case you were wondering what goes through me pointy little head the week I'm trying to get midterm grades and midterm conferences done with my students, behold:

I blacked out their grades to protect myself from revealing too much information in this public forum. And this, dear folks, is only the front of my first worksheet. Here's the back:

Messy, yes. This represents two sections of BYU-Idaho's Foundations English course.

A while back I commented that for students to learn to write better, they need to write more in class. I'm crazy enough to think that I'd still like to stick with that theory. There's enough busy work in this curriculum (stuff that we're trying to sort through as a teacher's group right now) that we could do more writing and revision (which is just as important as writing in the first place) if we got rid of some of the theoretical stuff. It could be an interesting challenge to build an online course from the ground up. Maybe some day.

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