Sunday, November 6, 2011

We've Got Enough Paneling -- Let's Go to Mars!

A truly noble experiment, this group of astronauts isolating themselves in a Mars mission simulator outside of Moscow for over a year and a half. Wrapping one's head around the idea of living in a small, closed space with the same people for days on end is an excellent way to figure out whether astronauts -- or anyone, for that matter, because I'd still like to go to Mars as a non-astronaut -- can stand being with each other for that period of time in such a small space.

But wood paneling? Really? If Mars spaceships can't look any better than our 1970s family room downstairs, I don't want to go.

I know: It's a quibble. What matters is that they did the experiment, not what the experimental space looks like. Maybe that's all they had -- trying to save money on materials in building the setup so they could spend more money on experiments and the like.

But still: Wood paneling? Where's the steel plate with the huge rivets in it? Where's the aluminum and glass and other elements that make space-ships look, well, space-shippy, not like somebody's outdated basement?

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