Monday, October 29, 2012

Local Frankenstorm

While the media (and Ollie of Blaccu-Weather forecasting fame) is all abuzz about Hurricane Sandy, I’ve survived a Frankenstorm of a more local variety today.

(The original, always better:)

(Confession: This is about the only thing I like from Family Guy.)

The local Frankenstorm involved getting two rather large batches of documents prepped and released for work today. It’s a quarter to five now, and we’re still waiting on two documents, and I’m heartily sick of updating my spreadsheet to know which ones are done and which aren’t. Good news is that with only one tech editor here at RWMC (me) the problems were minimal.

I’m worn out, though. Hopefully, the rest of the week passes more quietly. I hope to spend a good portion of tomorrow regrouping, cleaning my cubicle, and taking stock of the other documents that have had to sit on the wayside while these higher-priority things were worked on. And I’m sure there’ll be a few stragglers come in as well.

And that’s only the calm between the storms. Operations is now playing wholeheartedly with the documents, meaning there are likely to be changes coming along sooner rather than later. Then the contractor readiness assessment comes up next week, meaning additional changes. It’s not going to be pleasant, but since I’m the fool who decided he wanted the job and got picked to remain while Ed left, I guess I have to stick it out.

Good thing is the only whining I’m hearing thus far is from me, and from our production coordinator, who has to have all of these documents printed out for tomorrow morning.

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