Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who's More Foolish?

This is a foolhardy thing to do, given that I’m the sole writer at work now, that the overtime at work is putting me a bit behind in my grading at BYU-Idaho, but it’s going to happen no matter what: I’m doing National Novel Writing Month again this year.

On par with my commitment with Yershi the Mild, NaNoWriMo implies that I will write a 50,000-word novel (a fairly short one) in 30 days. For those of you interested in critiquing the work, you can join me at the Targhee Writers Blog, where I will share snippets and such. I may occasionally post a bit here – if I can actually write something decent – but most of it will be under Internet lock and key so I don’t surrender my first publishing rights to the world at large.

Starting out by cheating a little, stacking the deck in my favor, by working on The Hermit of Iapetus. I don’t feel bad starting out with some words in place, as at this point it’s more of a collection of thoughts and ideas than even a rough draft of a novel, so there’ll be some refining and stitching along the way that will make the guilt go away pretty fast.

This novel makes me a bit nervous, however. Even though I just went where the story took me with Yershi the Mild, it’s different with the Hermit – because he’s not really going anywhere. He’s schizophrenic, or at least he thinks he is, and lives alone on a remote moon of Saturn, or at least he thinks he does. He might or might not have a son who joins him, or he just might have Richard Nixon as a companion. Honestly, this could go anywhere, and that wide-openness is a bit unnerving. Too much wandering by the author and the readers will wander off as well. If they haven’t already. You have to ask yourself: Who is more foolish? The novel character or the author who follows him?

I do have a cover, though. It went together fairly easily. As is probably evident:

What I need to do is look at the freewheeling possibilities here and have fun with them. Here’s a chance to write a novel that’s not formulaic (like the one I’m reading now; more on that later this week if I can actually finish the awful thing).

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