Thursday, December 13, 2012


After nearly seven years working in a dumpy double-wide trailer in the middle of the Lost River Desert, I’ve been moved. Granted, I’m just in the slightly better building next to the dumpy double-wide trailer in the middle of the Lost River Desert, but I have left WMF-653 behind.

It’s weird. That building has been my home for quite a while now. I’d gotten used to it: The leaky windows, the ceiling tiles that suddenly fell out because the building’s halves are settling slowly away from each other.

Best day there: I was at my desk, heard a shuffling in the hallway, looked out of my cubicle and saw a marmot ambling down the carpet. He looked at me, nodded, kept walking, as if he were saying “Hey, how’s it going? Is it time to go home yet?” Barry Scott, a drafter and fellow in the trailer, and I finally coaxed him out, after he wandered the length of the building, checked out the copier, then went out, startling an engineer who was coming into the building as he was coming out.

Now I have to get used to a new place. It’s quiet here – just as quiet as it was next door – but it’s a different kind of quiet. If it was quiet in 653, it’s because Barry and I were working, or I was working and he was gone, or something. Now it’s quiet but there are an awful lot of other people in here being quiet as well, so like Gru’s adopted daughters, I cannot sneeze or burp or fart.

Good news is I thought I was coming into a smaller cubicle. I think they’re about the same size. I’ve got a better work configuration, as I don’t have to scoot my chair over baggy carpet to get to my other desk. It’s a little less optimal for working with someone else at the computer, though, as the filing cabinet is in the way. I may have to fix that.

One drawback: I don’t think there’s a scanner in the building, so I’ll probably have to keep using the one back in 653, which isn’t the end of the world, but it’s still kind of a pain in the butt. I’ll have to ask around here to see what I need to do to get access to a local scanner. If there is one. If I can find it.

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