Thursday, October 17, 2013

Furlough Called Off, Due to Congressional, Um, Can-Kicking

With Congress kicking that budgetary can down the road for another two months, we’re back to work as normal on Monday.

Listening to folks at work today, though, was kind of comical. There’s a streak of disappointment going through the plant that the furlough didn’t go through. I think a lot of people, despite the moaning, were looking forward to some unexpected time off work.
The announcement from work is thus:
As you may have heard, Congress passed legislation last night to fund the government through a temporary Continuing Resolution (CR) through January 15, 2014.  While it will take a few days for the Department of Energy to process its funding distributions, CWI has existing carry over funding to sustain operations until receipt of the funding allotment next week. 
As such, DOE-ID has authorized CWI to resume work, thereby averting the planned furlough.  Accordingly, all employees are directed to report to work on their normal schedule on Monday October 21, 2013.  We will provide additional information as necessary if there are any new developments.
I appreciate your support during these times of uncertainty and I’m excited to keep everyone working!  We will conduct a safety stand-up meeting Monday morning  to ensure we are fully focused  after experiencing the distractions of the past couple weeks.  Please coordinate closely with your managers and supervisors to confirm you have clear guidance as you move forward with all CWI activities, maintaining our stellar record of safety and performance. 
Again, a big ‘THANK YOU’ you for your patience, understanding, and caring!  This workforce is the best!  Keep your eye on the ball – see you next week!

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