Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Government, Playing "Wheel of Fish"

As silly as the government shutdown is, it’s not as silly as what led up to it:

Absolutely nothing.
True, the Republican Party seemed bent on shutting the government down over a showdown on Obamacare, but let’s consider the Democratic Prime Alternative:
Letting the Republican Party shut down the government over a showdown on Obamacare.
Yeah, that is their solution. Don’t fix things, just let the other party implode and reap the political rewards, scant as they may be in an institution that has an overall approval rating of 10 percent.  Way to be, Congress!
Which means – no surprise here – that both parties are imploding. One is tilting at windmills, while the other is less interested in action than letting the other party tilt at windmills for perceived political gain. Nothing that’s going to help the country. Nothing that’s going to solve any problems. Just stuff that’s going to score political points.
Armageddon, the Constitution hanging by a thread, the doom of the Republic, is not going to come from any certain bit of legislation, nor from one certain political party. It’s going to come when politics and score-keeping and political point-making is the end, not the sideline, to what Congress and the president do.
So, we’re there folks.
Congress (and I mean both political parties) and the president, metaphorically, have gone for what’s in the box.
Absolutely nothing.
Stupid! Stupid! You’re so stupid!

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