Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Would You Read This?

Read the following synopsis and tell me -- and be honest -- would you read this book? I'm planning to use this synopsis to enter a get-your-book-cover-designed-for-free contest. Honesty is appreciated.

He traveled nearly 900 million miles to be alone.

But as he wanders the cratered, icy surface of Iapetus, he is besieged.
Tricky Dick marches on the shores of the Invisible Ocean, spaniel Checkers at his heels. Dugout Dick shares a refuge in the Carcassone Montes, wheezing breathlessly into his harmonica and banging his begging bowl on the tables. Patsy Cline and Andy Williams sing to him out of the darkness, accompanied by the hiss and thrum of the radio waves from Saturn’s rings. And cattle-riding squirrels infest the plains, interrupting his solitude with chatters and bellows.
Then there’s Gloria.
Sentinel of Ronceveaux Terra, staring Sunward with her old eyes, holding leashes to the memories that follow the Hermit of Iapetus these millions of miles from Earth.
She’s there at The Butcher Shop, eating Roald Amundsen’s dogs in an endless feast, underneath the umbrellas that protect them from Iapetus’ cyanide rains.
And his son is coming to join him. His long-lost son, whose mother forbade him contact. He is coming. With soap.
To be alone, the hermit discovers, is to bring his own demons with him.

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