Saturday, October 15, 2016



I keep saying, probably for the past two years now, that I'm going to have Doleful Creatures published by hook or crook or independently "by the end of the year."

I'm getting tired of saying that. And thinking that. And missing that goal.

So I have a new goal:

Write to the synopsis.

I have a synopsis to the novel that I think is pretty good. And when I read the novel, I note where it strays from that synopsis.

Now, I could not have the synopsis without the novel first. But now the novel needs the synopsis more than ever.

And there's a sense of urgency here. Not necessarily that I think the book will be published any time soon, but that another book, The Hermit of Iapetus, keeps knocking at my brain's back door. I have little bits of flotsam and jetsam for that book flowing in all the time, and I'm afraid if I don't do something with it, it's going to fade.

The latest bit came in a dream this week:

People end up on some planets spend time exploring finally spot a city, hesitate to go in but go, find no one there, but automated city where they can. Move in and just live. They see others there, but to them THEY are invisible we. They can see others, but they cannot be seen. So th we y live in the city together, buying things from Austin as Ted store once they figure out the city sense a them and gives them care f2f it f2f if working. They work and buy and buy and buy but never get to be seen. Y the others, finally one dad follows kids th err tough extremely messy and cluttered town rtf o discover they are plotting to leave because they`'re tired if working and buying but never being seen. By other people c.f. instantly bumping into them bed as use invisible. S as d knows will face hardship, but he decides to leave with son who is sick of it too and they leave d as my benign and go.

I typed that while I was half asleep, so there's some garbled information there. But this dream could be the dream the hermit has constantly before he leaves Earth, giving him the impulse he needs to leave.

He needs to see the Earth rising, not the moon.

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