Thursday, October 13, 2016

*Second* Rejection Slip

First of all, calling it a “rejection slip” sounds a bit archaic. I mean, it’s an email, not a little bit of mimeographed paper.

Then again, calling it a “rejection email” sounds a bit, I don’t know, pretentious. And I don’t know why.

Never mind the semantics.

Doleful Creatures has received it second rejection slip.

Which means, now two editors have seen my book. They’ve not found it worthy, but it’s been seen.
And why the Ghostbusters reference here? Because, unlike this ghost, my book didn’t reach out and “grab” this particular editor.

Which comes as no surprise.

I know I’ve got work to do on the book. I told them so when I submitted the manuscript. So I know it’s got to grab them. I know from beta readers it’s a slow starter. My attempts thusfar to address the slow start has been to rearrange and window-dress; now I need to reassess and punch it up.

Maybe one of my characters can wear a babushka.

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