Thursday, February 9, 2017

Will the Boot Get the, uh, Boot?

See this boot? I’ve had these boots for a long time. Just over ten years, to be exact.

It seems weird for a technical writer to have leather steel-toed boots, but they’re part of the required safety gear where I work. This weekend, I’m going to buy a new pair, because these Timberland boots have had it. The soles are split, the lining is worn out and they let in a lot of water if I happen to amble into a puddle.

So, I can hear you wondering , will Mister Fweem’s Blog get a reboot in design, since that boot I’ve had up there for who knows how long is going in the trash as soon as it’s replaced?


I hadn’t thought of it until just now. I have other priorities this weekend. But a cleaner look to the blog might be in order. I haven’t done a refresh in years, and maybe getting a pair of new boots means it’s time for this boot to go. I’m sure you’ll be up nights wondering if and when the redesign will happen.

I won’t be. I need my beauty sleep.

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