Sunday, June 12, 2011


So, you know that nifty electrical zapping noise you get in your better-quality old-timey Superman cartoons, like this one:

Well, I was standing at the sink this evening washing the dinner dishes while an apple crisp cooked in the oven right next to me. All of a sudden the oven started making that Superman noise, accompanied by a big puff of smoke and a fake electronic light show. But I knew it wasn't fake, so I quickly turned the oven off and peeked inside. Part of the element was glowing a very nice cherry red with some melted globs stuck to it.

After it all cooled, I took the standard approach to appliance repair. I opened the oven and poked at the element with a barbecue fork, shielding my face with a furnace glove, to be extra-extra-extra safe. I could see that the element had snapped and the nifty noise I heard was 220 volts of electricity arcing between the broken bits, melting things as it went. Sooo glad I was standing there when the fireworks went off or, well, I could be typing this from a smoking ruin right now, or at least still be outside with the guys in the funny hats and rubber boots.

So we can replace the element, in theory.

It's still par for the course this year, though. So far this year, we've had to replace the toaster, the microwave, and the freezer. The master cylinder in the truck has failed twice, and we had to get new tires for the Pilot after Michelle had a flat. Just holding our breath now to see what the next broken-down bit of machinery will be in the house. Probably me.

Two things to day: When I see the baddie's hideout in this episode, all I can think to say is "Art Deco. Very nice." Also, if you can identify the pop culture references I use in this post, well, you're just as much of a nerd as I am.


carl g said...

Condolences. On the other hand, that's a really funny story, which is always worth something. Maybe not worth a new oven element . . .

Mister Fweem said...

Good news is the new element went in Saturday afternoon, and it took only about five minutes to do the work. Pretty happy about that.