Monday, June 6, 2011

A Steady Paycheck . . .

I’m beginning to feel like Winstone Zeddimore from “Ghostbusters” when he said “As long as there’s a steady paycheck, I’ll believe anything you say,” when Janine rattles of the long list of oddball things he might or might not believe (astral projection, the Loch Ness Monster and the theory of Atlantis, et al).

Layoff day at RWMC. Our document control specialist bought the farm, leaving us now without document control support or word processing support at RWMC. And maybe that’s partially our fault – they saw how we handled being without a word processor for so long they figure we can now post our own documents and rely on other doc control folks for the tasks we can’t perform. Laying off tech writers is only just around the corner. I have GOT to find a new job before September.

I put feelers out. Not lots of feelers – I suppose I’ve still got my head buried in the sand to some point on this matter – but some. High hopes that the Space Dynamics Laboratory down in Logan will call me for an interview and then offer me a job and then keep the headcount and money on their books but transfer the work to another unit so I still get paid but I’m not allowed to do work.

And while I’m at it, I may as well get my novel published and then flap my arms and fly to the moon.

And, thankfully, there are comics I can use to illustrate this situation.

Other things causing stress at the moment, if you care to listen:

• Must find new health insurance by June 28. Current provider wants more money per month than what we’re paying for the home mortgage
• Behind in grading for FDENG 101. Have done some today. Need to do much, much more
• Dog is still an ankle-biting little weasel. Terrorized the daughter while playing backyard baseball yesterday
• Still fat
• But not grossly so, in case potential health insurers are reading this
• Cows got out during the last Super Bowl
• Lots of little, tiny dog poops in the back yard
• Need to replace deck, concrete under deck, house siding, kitchen, brake pads, brake lining, and a little wiring. Good thing the house only cost $4,800
• Also shocks
• Out of Twinkies, even the big ones
• Reliant too much on movie quotes from the 1980s
• Far too old to squish pinecones and pineapples together any more

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