Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Tiny Bit of Light

Though there are clouds of obfuscation that still abound surrounding pending layoffs where I work, a quick perusal of the jobs targeted for the embiggened round of layoffs planned for September does not include technical writers – which is kinda hard to believe, considering we’re kinda disposable in the industry. Any industry, for that matter.

We’re hopeful that the absence of our job code on the list is a good sign, though given we keep seeing the “several hundred people to be impacted” repeated over and over for this coming layoff we’re not saying we’re safe and happy.

Still, a little ray of optimism enters.

What does that do?

Well, it gives me a little breathing space to try to find a better job with benefits. Not that I don’t like my current job – I do enjoy it a lot. Just still can’t shake the feeling that there’s something better around the corner. Still hopeful I’ll get called for an interview at the Space Dynamics Laboratory here in a few weeks. I called them about a week ago and found out they’re interviewing the “senior” applicants in the first part of July, so here’s to hoping I’m in that pool. I’d still like to work there. Drat that Carl Sagan for filling my mind with dreams of space. I know the SDL isn’t exactly JPL, but you know what, it’s a step in the right direction, don’t you think?

So if this tiny bit of light is true and we’re not on the layoff list, that basically gives me another, what, 3 ½ years until the work here dries up. That’s a lot better than 2 ½ months in my book.

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