Thursday, June 2, 2011

Roland B. Model Raider

Portly, unsightly gentlemen everywhere should remember Paul Yarrow.

If you don't remember, he's the British guy who worked very hard last year to try to get into the background of as many live news reports as he could, striking a blow, he said, for unsightly gentlemen everywhere.

Now, I know Roland B. isn't publicly making such a call, but that is exactly the reason I'm voting for him in the "Next Model" competition, outlined here. He's portly. Unsightly. And a ginger. In other words, with the exception of the gingerness, he's just like me. He gets my vote.

Here's why:

He's got a sense of humor. Look at all the beautiful people he's competing with. They don't seem to be as, well, jolly as Roland B. I can use that word because I, too, am jolly. In the familiar, fat old St. Nicholas way.

This is the power of the Internet. Regular people getting a shot at something, even if it's only for a laugh. I sincerely hope Next follows through and should Roland B. be chosen by the people, he be used as Next's next model. I'm sure they will. But I'm sure as well that they'll have the patent bevy of beauties to back him up and eventually overshadow him, because it's not the Roland B's they want to build their brand on. Too much the pity. I'd buy their stuff if I knew Roland B. were getting a bit of the pie.

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