Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Said It, Now I Gotta Do It

So I've been putting it off long enough. And that last post, eschewing NaNoWriMo in order to edit Doleful Creatures clinched it. It's time to get the manuscript and the ol' red pen out.

But I'm going about it differently this time. The last revisions I've done entirely on the computer. And that's worked to a point. But this time around, I'm working with a printed manuscript so I can more physically "see" how things need to be moved, cut, assembled -- calling on the vocabulary from Alfred Hitchcock here -- to make this book better than it is now.

It just dawned on me I've got this great blank wall in the study -- just put up the drywall on the ceiling today so I won't have insulation falling on my head any more. I think I'll use it as some sort of physical representation of where the novel needs to go, pinning up things on the wall as I edit them, indicating with arrows and such where things need to be added. I'm hopeful having a more visual representation of the story to work on will help me organize it better.

Taking a little inspiration from Harold and Crockett Johnson as I go about this new editing approach.

My hope is that the moon will sail along with me.

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