Monday, January 4, 2010

Homer Simpson, Model Employee

With some trepidation, today I contacted a former co-worker at a place where my exit was, shall we say, less than opportune. Since I left that place – wow, it’s going to be five years on April 1, an ironic day to leave a place of employment – I’ve been nervous even thinking about it. My departure was voluntary, but the burnout and the end-of-life treatment there was so severe it still feels like I was ridden out of there on a rail. I know I was not a perfect employee. I had many faults that, as the burnout progressed, became amplified. I’m sure there are those who are still happy I left. I’m one of them.

But contacting the co-worker – who also left the same place, albeit after I did – still made me nervous. But I had to do it. She’s in a position where she could, as a resume reference and potential insider for information, help me in a career situation.

She was most gracious, meaning I’m still breathing. I can use her as a reference, she said, with no reservations. That’s a good sign. I was hopeful that would be the response I’d get, but my suspicious nature cast doubts. I’m glad to see my natural suspicions were not confirmed. I should develop a brighter view of human nature. Of course I never had a beef with this co-worker. It’s my fault for bringing past baggage into the situation, or at least theoretically bringing it in, because as I typed the e-mail and hit send, I did so on faith that I would get a positive result. That baggage is still as heavy now as it was when I carried it daily, so not to have to bring it into this situation will be a blessing.

I guess what I’m getting at is that almost five years later, I might finally be getting past a rather bad career situation. I hope I can turn this into a positive way for me to continue expanding my career horizons while emphasizing the positive in what I have to offer, rather the negatives in the baggage I used to carry.

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