Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Bye, Dog

The elusive dog we've had hiding in our alley and eating food we've set out for it appears to have moved on to greener pastures.

We're not quite sure why he's moved on, through the mysterious and brief presence of a rather bouncy black lab puppy on our property Christmas morning might have been a deciding factor in this first dog's disappearance. The second dog, by the way, doesn't belong to us either. He just appeared, barking and cold, to hang out on our front porch and in the back yard -- eating the alley dog's food and chewing on his Christmas Day chew toy. The lab eventually wandered off as well, which is good, since there's no way we'd want to have a puppy that big.

No clue as to where the alley dog has gone, by the way. There are no footprints in the alley, nor has he shown himself lately. It's all likely that someone else picked him up or the reluctant constabulary finally came and took the dog to the pound after someone complained about his presence or his poop or the nine dog/cat dishes it has stolen and decorated the alley with.

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