Sunday, November 15, 2009

Elusive Dog, Exclusive Pictures

I've written some on this blog about the dog we're caring for this winter. He showed up earlier this year and has proved to be rather gun-shy, and that's saying something because we don't have guns. He lives in the alley behind the house in a little dog house I built for him a few weeks ago. (His house is the little slanty shanty you can see in the first photo. Just in time, because the snow and cold weather has come, and we both hate to think of the poor thing sleeping in that patch of grass out in the weather.

He runs from Michelle, tolerates me but still won't let anyone get close.

Today, Michelle took pictures, just so we can prove that we are caring for a dog, not just a figment of the imagination. Here he is. We may, in another year or two, gain its trust enough to see if he's got a name and number on the collar he wears.

He is a rather handsome dog, if you ask me. His elusiveness makes me wonder what's ahppened in his life to make him so shy of humans. I hope before the year is out that he'll trust us enough to allow a pat or two. If he plays his cards right, he could spend Christmas indoors this year.

I just know it's cold enough out there that if I were a dog, I'd be sucking up to whomever I could, just to get that warm spot by the fire.

So, if anyone you know is missing a dog that looks like this, let us know.

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