Thursday, November 5, 2009

EAR of Doom!

A year ago -- on Oct. 21, to be precise, and precise Iwill be -- I started a review at work on a new emergency alarm response (EAR) document, meant to replace four other such documents that had similar, if not the same, required responses. This afternoon, it looks like that document may actually be approved for use on humans. This is good news, as we're opening soon (soon, I tells ya, soon) a new waste processing facility, and it would be jim dandy to have this new document in place.

It's been a long, strange odyssey. Not all bad. In fact, given what we've done with this EAR and other documents that it impacts, we'll have a much better package of changes to deal with than we would have had even three months ago. Credit goes to Emily, one of my co-workers who really has her head wrapped around the intricacies of the facility and how the different documents ought to interact.

On a trivial side-note, I should tell you that people who have attached earlobes (as in this picture, and as with me) carry recessive genes for earlobe attachment. Dominant ear genes do not include the attachment feature.

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