Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Though I’ve yet to read anything in the Twilight series (and, frankly, I don’t plan on it), have never seen Christopher Lee as the count, think Anne Rice is a twit and otherwise don’t care much for vampire films, books, lore or, frankly, any mention of vampires outside of Otto Chriek (okay, Nosferatu. But only because Terry Pratchett probably named his vampire after the actor Max Schreck, who plays Nosferatu in that movie), I may as well be one.

With the end of Daylight Savings Time, I rarely see the sun. I board the bus for work shortly after 5 am and get to work shortly before 7, just as the sun is barely beginning to peep over the horizon. I board the bus to go home shortly after 5 pm where, if I’m lucky and it’s cloudless, there’s just enough time to read a page or two in a novel before the sun sets as I’m waiting in line for the bus transfer. And I’m a desk jockey. I do have a window, but it has a view of the trailer next to mine, plus debris from the staircase they tore up but have yet to replace. I get a little sun that way. I try to take a walk every day at lunch. But other than the sunlight I get on a few trips to the bathroom in the building next door, I don’t get to see the sun much.

November and December are the worst, as the days are shortening away on their march toward the vernal equinox. Plus there’s the cold. But maybe that’s good and bad. Sunlight, at least for me, tends to intensify the cold, since it’s typical of an Idaho winter to be very sunny but butt cold, as if the sun were there just for light, not for warmth. I swear there are some days the rays from the sun don’t even make contact with the ground; what light we get is mere reflection from all the cold molecules flying around in the atmosphere.

I do have a bright spot of sunlight shining on some papers I have scattered on my desk right now. It’s very bright, and I love it.

And i love that I have allies in working "the night shift." Behold:

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