Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Variation on a Theme of Mice, Part III

Palco wore the waistcoat
Palco wore the feather
Palco stabbed the tabby cat
Hiding in the heather

Palco with the swishing tail
Palco with the eyes so bright
Palco singing arias
Singing through the starry night

Palco twists his whiskers
Waxed into a great mustache
Palco fears no dogs or cats
Just tips his purple, gay panache

Palco lives on farms in fields
Palco lives on water
Palco knows the backyard ways
Palco does not falter

Palco loves the peasant
Palco loves the lord and lady
Palco loves his bread and jam
But Palco hates his Swedes in gravy

Call for Palco, call for help
Palco comes a-flying
Palco never fails to come
When the mice are crying

I have to confess that I have no idea who Palco is, or what he is doing inhabiting a Brian Jaques/Redwall world, but he's there nonetheless.

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