Sunday, November 8, 2009

Domino Theory

I have this theory. It has nothing to do with Communism, or any other kind of ism out there.

It has to do with furniture.

We were given, today, a rather large couch. It kind of resembles one of those snake Rubik's Cube puzzles that were so popular in the 1980s: We have it twined like an "L" on two walls of the family room, really sucking up the space like our old furniture never could.

The theory is this: Given new furniture (it was given to us, and we took it, gratefully, by Michelle's parents) you realize how small your house is and how out of place the old furniture you're replacing is. So we got rid of the two-seater love seat downstairs to make room for the new couch. We also had to move the recliner upstairs, because with the new couch, there just isn't room for the recliner. Moving the recliner meant getting rid of the poofy chair upstairs. So all of it went into the truck, which we drove to the new home of the father of one of our neighbors, who needs furniture. Luckily for them, they did not have stuff they had to get rid of, so the Domino Theory of Furniture ends there.

Michelle's folks have one more chair they wish to give us. We may have to move one of the toilets out.

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