Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Urgh. A new year. Will I ever, I wonder, top last year's 576 posts? (Check that. 575 posts.) Do I want to even try?

So, our New Years' activities went like this:

4:30 to about 6:30 pm: I'm at the in-laws house, installing a ceiling fan. We got the ceiling fan for them for Christmas, plus installation, because when we sleep in the guest room where the fan is going, we broil in the summer. So it's kind of a selfish gift, I suppose. But they seemed happy, especially since part of the installation included exchanging the broken dimmer switch with a regular switch. I made sure to install the switch the right side up so it says "ON" rather than "NO." I hear tell it's these little details that differentiate a good electrician from a merely competent one. Where I fit on that scale, I'm not certain. But the light did light and the fan turns and doesn't wobble and such, so everything looks good.

Then on to the party at the Porters, where we played a bunch of games with their family including Jana's mom and dad, who were suspiciously good at the first betting game we played for folks who volunteer in the temple visitors center in Idaho Falls. Then round about midnight we turned on the TV -- comandeered it, rather, from the video game playing kids -- to watch the ball drop in New York City. I had to laugh at the addendum they put onto their broadcast. They were bragging it was live, Eastern Time. So, for us, really recorded. But recorded live! I don't see the appeal of being there on Times Square to see the ball drop, especially with all the smooching going on. Sheridan would have been appalled. And then there were the guests the host had on stage with him -- they looked like the ugliest people you could have picked out of the audience. "Hey," he could have shouted. "I need ugly people onstage now!" The lady on stage was wearing a coat that looked like it had been taken off a skunk, and when it flew open she was wearing some kind of body-hugging suit. Eye and brain bleach needed.

I'm having shivers reliving that right now.

Then today, we shopped for corkboard, did our grocery shopping. I came home, took a sinus pill, fell asleep. Then woke up, washed a mound of dishes, then, well, here I am blogging. Must go

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