Friday, January 15, 2010

Lazy Friday

Two accomplishments today:

First of all I fixed my desk today. It's one of those that is broken as soon as you put it together. One of the keyboard drawers got a bit broken and kept falling out, most of the time on the head of one of my kids, who like to crawl under the desk and get at the books underneath. I kind of liked the idea of having a booby-trapped desk, but the drawer kept getting looser and looser and falling out more often. So I got some corner braces and fixed the stupid thing.

I mentioned another accomplishment: waffles for dinner. Not big in most books, but they tasted good.

I did have about two hours today alone, without any kids or anyone else asking for attention. That's how I was able to get the time to go to the hardware store to get the parts to fix my desk. I also went to the DI for books. Not that I need any more books, but it was nice to look at books without having somebody bring me a toy and ask if they could have it. I found three more by Niel Hancock, so that made me happy. I may also sneak in a nap, while the kids play and Michelle scrapbooks.

Tomorrow will bring more research time for a job I applied for, followed up with time with Liam, getting his Pinewood Derby car finished. We've got it cut and sanded, Liam just needs to paint it, then we need to get the wheels attached properly.

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