Sunday, September 26, 2010


As part of a school project for Liam, we went walking along the Henry's Fork of the Snake River in St. Anthony yesterday, trying to find some trumpeter swans willing to be photographed. No swans. But we did take two pictures of feet.

Here's the first:

Aw, cute little raccoon feet. Isaac found them for us -- he really wanted to follow a little trail down from the main trail to a spot underneath a thick stand of willow trees. I'm glad we listened to the little six-year-old. It's obvious the raccoons like the spot took as there were prints all over in the mud by the river.

Here's the second photo:

Liam learned the lesson that if you have to watch out for cactus on the way down to the river, you have to watch out for cactus on the way back to the path, too. We managed to yank them out of his shoe with a stick.

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