Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too Many Alberts

Too Many Alberts

From Einstein's brain popped the theory
of general relativity.

From Fat Albert's “Hey hey hey!” a line
of import, pop-culturally.

Mr. Schweitzer wrote “Reverence for Life,”
and built in Gabon a hospital.

While A.M. Johnson sold insurance and built
a castle in a place quite hostile.

All these Alberts, I don't mind
Be they noble or odd in their way.

I just wish that my dear brother Albert
would up and just go away.

NOTE: Yes, I do have a brother Albert. No, I don't wish he'd go away. He's a great guy and someone I look up to very much. I just wrote down the phrase "Too Many Alberts" and for some reason decided to build a poem around it.

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