Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh So Smart, or Oh So Pleasant

Saw Jimmy Stewart in "Harvey" for the first time a few weeks ago, and fell in love with the film. I've always been a Jimmy Stewart fan, but this film particularly hit me. Elwood Doud is such an everyman -- not necessarily the brightest guy, nor the flashiest. But he listens. He gets to know people. He sincerely enjoys people. And because he's so open and loving and innocent, everyone confides in him.

Still, I wonder if that line from the film fits my book. I've been quoting scriptures and such. Now "Harvey." I've been trying to avoid references to American culture. Now "Harvey." I think I'm going to stick with it:
My mother said you can be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. I spent the greater part of my life being smart. I recommend pleasant. And you can quote me.
This is the fun, the experimentation in writing. Stick with what works.

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