Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love Note

When you've been married as long as I have (a whopping, uh, 13 1/2 years) you get notes like this.

Sure, other guys get love notes. I get this.

But you know what? It is a love note. It shows my wife has the confidence (maybe misplaced) in me that I can get these jobs done. Nevermind, of course, how long it's taken for me to get to some of these jobs.

To my credit, I did tackle the first one on the list. It's not as easy as it sounds -- we had a joint in the floor tile in our bathroom that lost its grout. It had happened before -- and I fixed it, or so I thought. It cracked again. So this time I knew I had to do more than send a few screws into the floor. I pulled up four tiles and tore out the underboard, put down new stuff and I'm hoping that helps. I think the problem was that the joint in the tile met up with a joint in the underboard, and the underboard hadn't been secured down well enough to prevent the bouncing that led to the cracking. So I used up a tube of liquid nails plus as many screws as I could find to fix things. We ought to have a pretty strong spot to stand on now, providing I used enough adhesive and screws. You never know.

Other tasks on the list are either done or started. The "air hose flowers" was meant to remind me to take my air compressor to two displays of imitation flowers we have in the house. They're all now dust-free. (As a bonus, I cleaned off the top of the refrigerator as well, where one of the displays is home.) I've also got the blue ball patched to the point it should hold air. I have one more toilet to scrub. In fact, I think I'll go do it now.

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