Friday, September 17, 2010

Loaner Post from My Kids' Refrigerator

NOTE: Here's another loaner post from my other blog. Enjoy.

My daughter sat me down tonight and said she was going to teach me how to draw a horse. She's been heavily into horses for a very long time now (it's a genetic thing; I don't know why little girls are so attracted to horses. Nobody else in the family likes them much. I know I don't.). Anyway, she gave me the instructions.

Here's how her horse turned out:

Not bad. The legs make the horse look like a cross between a horse and an ostrich, but that's okay.

Here's mine:

She didn't much care for the goofy eyes. Or the donkey ears. Or the buck teeth. Or the bow tie or the Harlem Globetrotter shorts. Everyone's a critic.

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