Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monster Update

Here's an important example of why it's important to take photos when you've got the opportunity. The irony of it all will be revealed in a moment.

On Friday, we took our scout troop on a hike through the lava fields west of Idaho Falls, and included 17-Mile Cave as part of the trip. The cave is the home of the Monster, which features so prominently on the banner of this blog.

He has been altered somewhat in the few years since I took this photo. Unfortunately, not for the better, in my opinion. Also unfortunately, I forgot to bring a camera to document the trip so I have no proof to post here. Someone, however, has taken orange paint and tried to make him look more dinosaurish, but in an amateurish way taht detracts from the overall effect, rather than adding to it.

He has been joined by other monsters, however, which add to the overall spooky effect of the entire spooky package. It's likely I've got to drive to work one day next week, so I'll be sure to smuggle a camera with me so I can get some photos of the guy to post here later.

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