Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Subject Matter Expert

So, again Scott Adams demonstrates he has spies somewhere at the RWMC where I work, because we have SMEs to which the reaction is like this -- myself included, I'm sure, in some circles.

It's a mix of strengths, weaknesses, and personality clashes. Some of us carry around reputations for both good and bad -- and I mean both good and bad, because each of us has our good qualities and our bad qualities that make working with us an individual joy and terror. I know for myself sometimes I'm dumb as a rock, and those I work with know it and take pity on me for it.

The better part of valor, of course, is getting to know each others' strengths and weaknesses and building defenses and strategies to work with them or aound them, as the need may be. Soemtimes it works through reassignment, but most of the time each party in the group recognizes that they're just going to have to work with each other, grit their teethm, and get the job done.

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