Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nice Photos there, Opportunity

Dammit, I want to go to Mars NOW! Come on, where's all the space cars and flying saucers and junk that were supposed to get us there? I fully expected to travel to Mars within my lifetime when I was a kid. I am disappoint.

But not by this video, which is a montage of 309 horizon images the Opportunity rover took while on its three-year, thirteen-mile voyage across the Martian surface. More details about the voyage are here.

This is the kind of thing that drew the Hermit of Iapetus off of God's green earth to wander the cosmos. Or at least the immediate confines of the solar system. That haunting staticky noise keeps him awake at night, wondering what he might himself hear if he had ears to listen to the universe. He longs to leave tracks like this little rover, to be slowly blown over by alien winds pushing alien soil.

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