Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Email

One of the unanticipated events of switching contractors where I work: I now have a completely new email address I have to check on a regular basis.

Part of this is pretty nifty – I get a professional email address to use on my resume and in official correspondence; much more professional than the current Yahoo! email address I have on my resume at the moment.

But that now makes a total of six email accounts I have to keep track of on a regular basis. Trying to remember the passwords alone will kill me.

I’ve tried making checking my email as easy as possible. At least it’s not another frickin’ gmail account. I have two of those, and I hate checking both of them. First of all, Google wants everything in my life to be with them, and since I have blogs that I use under a different email address, they get all snippy with me every time I log into gmail. Second of all, their current app for the iPod Touch (I’m still out of it and don’t have a tablet) is absolutely horrible to use. They ought to be embarrassed by it – it takes forever to open up, asks for my password every time though I’ve told it my password each and every time I use it and ask it, nay, beg it to save it so I don’t have to put it in again. Yeah, it’s a security risk. Tough noogies. I’m going for ease of use here.

This new email address does present one additional bonus: I’ve now got another email address I can use that isn’t bombarded with spam.

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