Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And Still Waiting . . .

I feel like Star Wars this week – A New Hope has arrived. Two, that is.

Got a phone call this morning on the job I interviewed for last week. The HR gal told me that no decision has yet been made. Bummer. I suppose it’s good that the decision is taking longer, perhaps they’re looking more thoroughly at the applicants. So hope is still alive.

She called, however, to set up another interview for another tech writing job I applied for over a month ago. That’ll come Monday. (Ironic: The spell check doesn’t like “tech,” and wants to change it to “retch.” Not far off, on most days.)

Of the two opportunities, I’d much rather have the first pan out, as the job sounds a lot more interesting and challenging, with possibilities of travel and advancement these procedure-writing jobs just don’t offer.

As far as my current job goes, the pressure is off as far as layoffs are concerned. We have two tech writers in our group who have opted to take the voluntary separation, so our supervisor here doesn’t think it’s likely we’ll see anyone go in this round. I hope that’s the case. Best case, however, is that I get to leave. Not that the job here is terrible, as I’ve said before. It’s just that the other opportunities are more promising.

Blockage Alert: The unofficial, official rumor is that there exists a "gentleman's agreement" between the various contractors out there that states they won't hire from eachother -- stealing employees, they call it. If you quit, fine, but if you're just job-hopping, or so the rumor goes, no deal. I don't believe it, at least not yet. Why interview me for two different jobs if you know the agreement is there? Besides -- I'm a subcontractor, a disposable employee living in an employment-at-will state, so who's to care if I happen to wander off?

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