Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Waiting . . .

I'm trying not to get paranoid or to lose hope. But I'm losing hope and I think there's someone out to get me.

Today was EAR day at RWMC. Been working on EARs now for quite a while -- they're the little procedures we follow if there's a fire, too much wind, too much propane or too much of whatever. They've been my responsibility since I started working here two years ago, and I think we're to the point now that after this next round of changes we might be able to put them away for a while. Until someone comes in and says they don't work, and theys tart adding thigns and then the whole ball of wax starts rolling along its sticky way again.

No word yet about the new job. Upper lip is stiff, but I'm losing my resolve. Maybe it's just taking them a while longer to make the decision than they thought. Maybe they've already made it and aren't contacting the losers (i.e., me) at all. That's likely what's happening.

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