Saturday, June 7, 2008

Windy Update

I have now built a tomato greenhouse that we could live in. I used all the scrap lumber I could find and resurrected the plastic sheeting that the wind tore to shreds yesterday. I was actually brave enough to plant the tomatoes. It's nice and toasty inside the greenhouse. I'm a little nervous about it, however. To keep the wind from blowing it over and thrashing the plants, I had to seal up the side that I was going to leave open for weeding. We can get inside the thing by crawling into either end, but it's not very big in there -- it's at maximum about 40 inches tall. That's fine with the really short tomato plants we have now, but if they grow to any degree, it's going to be interesting to get inside there again. Not to mention I've got to rig up something to suspend the vines from once they start to grow.

I'm glad I got the greenhouse built -- about two hours after I finished the work, the rain came. Then, for about five minutes, the SNOW came. So help us, I don't think we get summer this year.

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