Monday, June 30, 2008

A More Realistic Approach

It’s Monday. I’m back at work. And, actually, feeling pretty good about it. I had another job interview this morning – this time for a technical writing job very similar to the one I’m doing now, except that the workload seems to be brutally insane. I may take it anyway – if offered, and that’s a big if – just for the stability. I may also go insane.

I’m resigned now to waiting a good few weeks before I get too anxious about this job, or the other I’ve applied for. Apparently, they run background checks before they make any kind of announcement, or so I was told this morning. So we’ll see what happens.

Saturday night, I went back to my night owl roots and stayed up until about 3 am. I really miss that, because, in the wee hours of the morning, there are fewer distractions. Of course, I was working on a distraction as I stayed up late – a re-write of a paper fro one of my classes. I’m not sure it’ll even do me any good to have rewritten it, as I believe the grade book is now closed. But maybe, just maybe mind you, the prof saw enough potential in it he thought it needed more. Then again, maybe I’m insane.

Fourth of July coming up. We’ll celebrate the day in Driggs, Idaho, of all places. That’s where one of my wife’s nieces lives, and she evidently wants to have a shindig. So we’ll go. That means driving, but no real organization on our part, since the party won’t be at our house. That’s good news. I don’t like parties at our house. I like leaving the preparation and messes behind. Not that anyone out there really cares.

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