Thursday, October 16, 2008


Usually, I feel like Homer Simpson at work, and it's not just because I work at a nuclear facility. I imagine that, behind my back, people are calling me a baboon. A baboon! The ugliest, smelliest ape of them all! And because I didn't go to Alpha Tau with good ol' Smithers, I know I won't get one of the two jobs that are open, even if only three are applying. And I don't even get doughnuts.

Then came today, and this note, from my administrator at Nuclear Placement Services:

Brian: Not only did they give you a raise, but they gave you like 0.60 cents more than I requested! You're base wage is now $26.00 an hour! Way cool! Congratulations, they obviously like you! Your new wage starts effective October 1, so I'll be giving you some retro pay on top of your new wage this paycheck. I'm sure you can find something useful to do with it. :)

Can I find something useful to do with it? Yes. Pay bills without dipping into savings. Something good finally happened to me.

It's also evidence of the following things:

1) Prayer works. We've prayed a lot about this.

2) You don't get what you don't ask for. I asked for a raise, rather than just settling for the 3 percent COLA. Might not pay off every time, but it paid off this week.

No longer need I lament like my brother Homer: Why do all the things that happen to stupid people happen to me? I'd still like it to say "Brian Davidson, Local Boob" underneath my picture if I ever get interviewed on local TV, though.

I should mention, for clarity, that this is no mere 3 percent raise. This entails a wage increase of $4.05 an hour, which is why this is such a mind-blowing event for me.

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