Sunday, October 12, 2008

Internet-Free Weekend

We went the entire weekend without internet.

Not by choice, mind you. Our ISP, on occasion, decides to perform "maintenance" over the weekends, figuring that, I don't know, we hicks in the sticks won't notice or something. (I put maintenance in quotes because I figure what kind of maintenance do they have to do? Are they hiring big burly guys with wrenches to drive around and wave them at their wi-fi equipment? Or are they just dusting?) We notice. WE NOTICE. Not that posting to this blog is a high priority, or that the fate of the entire free world is in the balance if we can't get on to to check the news. But, well, we are sorta paying for this service, and, well, we like to know when it's not going to work. Sugar City where we live, for example, lets us know when our water is going to be shut off for maintenance. We've also had notice in the past from the power company, letting us know when the power is going to be shut off to let the gerbils (you know, they run around in that big wheel down at the power plant) get a rest. We just don't get that kind of courtesy from Bridgemaxx, our ISP. Other than that, mind you, the service is great.

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