Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Global Discussion/Awareness Raising Begins . . . Now!

Today, apparently, is Blog Action Day, a day wherein bloggers and other similar back-porch pundits, studio prognosticators, basement bloviators, uptown agitators and their associated hangers-on are to discuss poverty in an attempt to increase “awareness” and to “start a global discussion” on the subject.

Never one to shy from useless gestures, this blog, too, will join the discussion, even though this blog has already started fourteen other global discussions on equally easily verbosed topics this month. Here goes:

Poverty is bad. Very bad. Soo bad, in fact, I will take ten minutes out of my day – Blog Action Day, October 15, 2008 – just to say how bad poverty is and how I wish we had gobs of money we could throw at the problem to make it go away. Nevermind that the regular readers of this blog already share this general sentiment and are probably out doing other, better things to combat poverty, like getting ready for the Scouting for Food campaign (which we shouldn’t mention, because, you know, Scouting is politically incorrect because they have (whisper) tolerance issues). Or they consistently donate cash to their church, knowing full well that the money goes directly to those who need it the most (i.e., those suffering poverty firsthand) but we probably shouldn’t mention that either, because churches, as you know, are worth millions or billions and tie up that wealth in property, Pope hats and political activism meant to show (whisper) that they have tolerance issues.

In case bloggers are having trouble figuring out what to blog about on Blog Action Day, the folks at BAD have a few suggestions; pre-fabricated and slightly misspelled positions for the blogger on the go who only has a few minutes in which to raise awareness and spark a global discussion on the subject. Choose one that best fits your blog flavor and/or political views:
  • A Design Blog might analyze a set of charity posters and how they convey their message.
  • A Tech Blog might look at pro-poor technologies and projects.
  • A Political Blog might examine the relevant agendas of leading candidates.
  • A Sports Blog might look at recent charity activities of a major sports franchise.

They neglect to suggest what a smartass blog might do. But I think anyone reading this blog has a good idea of what kind of awareness such a blog might raise on the issue.

So, has the global discussion started yet? I think I can hear one starting up on those charity posters. Hm. Apparently Bodoni doesn’t convey as much poverty awareness as Futura. Interesting.

Insert indignant screeds below:

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