Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, in a Seven-Year-Old's Photos

I do apologize for my absence here over the last few days. Christmas is here and blogger discipline went up the chimney with Santa Claus. But I will share a few photos of the past few days -- all taken by our seven-year-old daughter with the digital camera Grampa Griffin got her for Christmas. The first one here is of Mom taking a nap.

Next comes a photo of an uncooked roll, waiting for the oven for our Boxing Day feast.

Next a self-portrait. Yes, all the photos are a bit blurry. She's learning how to run her camera. I anticipate before too long she'll be taking photos better than her mother and I. Of course with the quality of my photos to consider, she doesn't have much improvement to make before I'm overtaken.

Now a portrait of her Daddy, shivering a bit in the Pilot just after pumping a bit of gas to get us home Christmas Day from the grandparents'. It's a rather good photo, considering the poor lighting. I may indeed use it as my Facebook photo, until, of course, that the photos of me in the pink bunny suit come through. (Sorry they've been delayed; we've just had a busy time of it.)

Last, a photo she took of Christmas decorations in Rigby. Blurry, yes, but timid, no. She'll be a good photographer once she learns the ropes.

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