Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I LOVE Being A Fossil

Isn't it funny how you can remember a show like this -- The Last Unicorn -- from your childhood and then revisit it as an adult and realize how much talent and effort went into making it? And how much of a fossil you are because when you spool up the opening song, you recognize that it's America singing it and you wish you had one of their albums on CD?

That's me. I'm a fossil. Ancient history. But it's kind of sad to think that maybe these kids these days -- stay off my lawn when I'm talking to you -- have no idea why a silly little video like this evokes such memory. How can it not, with Rene Auberjonois and Christopher Lee and Angela Lansbury and America in it? Staples of my childhood. How many times did  I listen to America on the radio -- KID 590 AM -- while eating breakfast before the school bus came? Too often to count, let me tell you.

Fossil I am, and proud to be so.

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