Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flu Shot

I'm going in today -- in about eleven hours, to be exact -- for my first flu shot ever. Years past, I've just never bothered. Truth be told, I kind of like getting the flu. Sure, it's no picnic when I've got it, what with the aches, lethargy and other associated ills that come with it. But the day after the worst of the symptoms are gone, when you're feeling better but not really too much better, it's nice to be lounging around the house staying warm by the fire. That's the part of the flu I like. Getting better.

But with H1N1 going around this year -- several people in the neighborhood have already had it -- we figured this would be a good year for me to get a shot.Michelle and the kids have already had theirs, so I'm kind of the weak spot in the family. Well, I'm the weak spot for so many other reasons, but H1N1 is just one of them.

Wish me luck. I hope getting the shot doesn't give me the flu.

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