Sunday, December 6, 2009

Save Me From My ISP

If Only Hex Could Solve This Problem

I'm going to go way out on a limb here and make a prediction: The price we pay for Internet went up because it's now pretty much equal to the price the other major competitors in the area charge.

For about two years now, we've enjoyed high-speed internet service from Digital Bridge Communications (BridgeMaxx) for about $20 a month. Suddenly this month (and it might have been last month; I'll have to look at my records) the charge went up to $30. I'm not sure we ever got an explanation. But it didn't shock me to discover that the price increase puts BridgeMaxx's service right in par with that offered, pricewise, from Qwest and Cable One. Charge what the market will bear appears to be the motto.

I have to confess I'm awaiting BridgeMaxx's explanation with bated breath. I sent them a polite nastygram earlier today, and they responded by phone, unfortunately while we were gone. But I'm sure I'm going to get some cockamamie market-bearing answer out of them.

Unfortunately the competition isn't much better, pricewise.

Qwest is the one that bugs me the most. They're always hawking their DSL service. In the past month and a half, we've received two letters from Qwest advertising their service. One came as traditional marketing hoo-hah. The other came disguised as a Christmas card, but because of the Denver return address that I recognize immediately -- Qwest is the only entity I know on Denver's California Avenue -- I saw what it was immediately.

Thing is they NEVER have sales on their Internet. Always the same price: $25 a month, plus modem, or $20 a month if you have one of their cockamamie phone packages. Don't want one. Will never get one.

Cable One doesn't pester. But they want $26 a month. BridgeMaxx must have seen these prices and figured, well, we can get more money out of these folks. And while they may scream, they likely won't budge, because the competition isn't any better. Forget the rocket cars and transporter beams. What I want from the future is inexpensive Internet.

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